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Alfil Patrimonial Socimi SA is a Grupo Alfil company. The Alfil Group was founded as a family business in Marbella in 1952. Originally it was dedicated to various business activities such as rental of agricultural machinery, road construction, transport agency or industrial carpentry.

A few years later it entered the cinematographic exhibition sector, eventually having 42 cinemas along the coast of Malaga as far as Algeciras and in Córdoba capital. In the mid-60s it entered new sectors such as hotels and real estate development. Already in the 70s, with the legalization of the game, Bingo Alfil opened, the first bingo in the province of Malaga. In the 80s its development continued in the bingo sector and real estate promotion took on a more relevant role within the group.

Oficina en Marbella del Grupo Alfil
Inversiones inmobiliarias en Marbella del Grupo Alfil

In the 90s and 2000s the group focused its business on other business segments without leaving behind those that for years have been the backbone of the group such as cinemas, bingos and real estate development. In the new approach of the Alfil Group, activities such as office and premises leasing, parking, financial services and, of course, real estate promotion become more relevant.

To reinforce this last sector, the Alfil Group, in 2005, incorporated into its business group, through acquisition, a promoter of the prestige and track record of Enrique Alemán SA. With this latest acquisition, the Alfil Group was strategically positioned in Almería, Malaga capital and on the Costa del Sol, where it has traditionally had a very prominent presence.

In 2022, Grupo Alfil decides to corporately restructure the business group, integrating its real estate assets into a single company and joining the Socimi regime, with subsequent incorporation into the market. In this way, Alfil Patrimonial Socimi SA becomes the first listed company based in Marbella.

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